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Hi-Tech Traditional:
10 Illustrations by Swedish and Japanese Artists


Sweden and Japan - hidden beneath the seemingly unbridgeable distance, there are strong links that tie our two countries together. Consider our parallel entanglements with technological modernity; computers, mobile phones and other hi-tech solutions are all common threads running through both of our societies. These threads intertwine with traditional cultural images that construct both the Swedish and the Japanese as a little stiff, serious and in some ways conservative peoples (unless, of course, we've had a few drinks).

As new technologies continue to redefine our evolution as social beings, what kind of adjustments are being made to our values and to our very identities? Are we as modern as our machines?

From our roots to our fiber-optic cables, the similarities that connect our two cultures are also the elements we work to untangle, all in the attempt to understand where we are heading and how we can deal with the changes we face.

---Participating Artists---


Fredrick Avén
Born 1983, Osby, Sweden.
Fredrick graduated from the Cumbria Institute of the Arts with a BA in Graphic Design (Hons). He went on to work for Unit9 in London working with interactive design. He dabbles in animation and every now and then he illustrates something. His style of illustration is often very simple and clean with focus on composition and colors, preferably with a dark, adult edge to it.

Fia Djerf
Born 1980, Yngsjö, Sweden.
Fia mostly creates drawings, objects and graphics. In 2005 she completed a Bachelor of Arts with Art History as major, at Lund University. Before that she studied at Lund School of Art and Design (2003) and soon after spend one year at the Cutters Academy in Malmö, Constructing Patterns (2004). Fia recently moved from Malmö to Gothenburg to study the Design programme on bachelors level at The School of Design and Crafts (University of Gothenburg). These days she spends most of her time studying and participating in smaller art and design projects.

Maria Esaiasson
Born 1982, Lund, Sweden.
Maria studied Fine Arts and Design at Lund School of Art and Design and Painting at NPU in Chicago. She worked in Tokyo through an internship at a few different media companies in 2004. In 2005 she got her degree in E-learning design (educational design) in Malmö specialized on illustration. Since 2006 she runs her own illustration business, Studio Esaiasson, based in Lund and works for newspapers, magazines, publishers and advertising agencies. Her style is characterized by graphical, clean illustrations with a humorous touch.

Ola Jeppsson
Born 1982, Jönköping, Sweden.
Ola is a part of “Sad Wolf Collective”(graphic design, illustration, art and music: He spent a lot of his early years in Malmö where his parents are from. Between 2003-2005 he studied Technical Design at the University of Lund. 2005-2007 he studied Graphic Design at Helliden School of Art in Tidaholm. Ola is currently studying design at HDK in Göteborg. His illustrations are made by hand, always with a ballpoint pen, and scanned to the computer for color additions. His style is very sketch like and is often based on real people and moments.

Susanne Johansson
Born 1977, Örebro, Sweden.
Susanne currently lives and works in Malmö as a freelance artist, illustrator and web designer. She is also a part of the international comics/art collective C'est Bon Kultur. She considers her art to be a visual equivalent to noise music, avant-garde horror and beat poetry.


Born 1982, Shiga, Japan. Currently living and working in Osaka. fooRider is a self-taught artist. His art is composed of the mixture of elements from the Japanese culture and the underground sub culture. His style is created by the hard-edged compositions and distinctive brush-like lines, which at the same time provides a feeling of pathos.

Born 1985, Fukuoka, Japan. Currently living and working in Fukuoka City. Influenced by his father, Marumiyan began to draw pictures in his early childhood. His specialty is collage, made by blending photographs and freehand drawings. He works with various media, such as posters, flyers, packages, websites and CD jackets. He has recently been chosen as one of the “10 top artists” on the design magazine MdN (Japan).

Born 1981, Okayama, Japan. Currently living and working in Osaka. After studying Fine Arts, Design and Animation at high school and university, mushroomroom began her career as an illustrator in 2004. She mainly displays her works through exhibitions. Her works express the girlishness and sharpness in women, through the sweet, marshmallow-like textures.

Shunsuke Tsuji
Born 1979, Aichi, Japan. Currently living and working in Tokyo. Shunsuke Tsuji began his art career as a background-artist at an animation studio, specifically producing background images for famous animations, movies, TV series and games. His works include backgrounds in "Pokemon", "Naruto", "The Prince of Tennis", "Black Jack", "Ah! My Goddess" and many more. He is currently working as an illustrator and a painter.

Born 1985, Nagano, Japan. Currently living and working in Tokyo. LiA grew up and studied in Japan, India, Australia and Sweden. Solo exhibition debut at age 17, after winning various art awards. She is producing conceptual works including Japanese-style paintings, illustrations, installations and more. Her latest themes include “bias” and “perception”, investigating how a being is psychologically built and shaped.> She studied at Malmö University, Sweden in 2007 and is completing Bachelor of Visual Arts at University of Sydney in March 2008.